Vacuum Packages & Specs


  • Quality drilling fluid is recovered, recycled and digitally recorded
  • Automatic discharge removes need for manpower on location

  • Reduction in oil on cuttings of 30-40% reduces sawdust usage and haul off

  • Small footprint

  • Improves Solids Control Efficiency by allowing you to screen up on preceding screens

  • Easily installed onto existing shakers

  • No increase in LGS of recovered fluid

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Our conventional vacuum systems can be bundled with our VAC SCREEN® SYSTEM to meet your fluid recovery needs around the rig and at the shaker.

Pump Out Mud Vac

  • Power: 480 volt 3phase 3wire 4 pole plug 60 amp
  • Capacity: 250 gallon tank
  • Features: Lightweight, small footprint, auto discharge pump 2 barrel increments (Relieves ruff neck from discharging vac), Counts recovery
  • Dimensions: 104” L X 78” W X 106” H
  • Weight: 6000lbs (2720kg)

Mudvac System

  • Power: 480V or 575V, 25hp 3 phase electric motor
  • Tank Liquid Capacity: 10 barrels (1.8 cubic metres)
  • Dimensions: 4’ X 14’ (1.22m X 4.27m)
  • Weight: 3500 lbs (1600kg)

Mudvac Shack

  • Ruffneck Steam Heater
  • Lights
  • Protects Mudvac from adverse weather conditions
  • Dimensions: 16’ L X 6’ W X 7’ H
  • Weight: 4000 lbs (1818kg)