VAC SCREEN® Drilling System Videos & Images


  • Quality drilling fluid is recovered, recycled and digitally recorded
  • Automatic discharge removes need for manpower on location

  • Reduction in oil on cuttings of 30-40% reduces sawdust usage and haul off

  • Small footprint

  • Improves Solids Control Efficiency by allowing you to screen up on preceding screens

  • Easily installed onto existing shakers

  • No increase in LGS of recovered fluid

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 Application on Brandt Shaker Systems

Brandt – VAC SCREEN® Full Screen Internal
Brandt Cobra, Brandt King Cobra, Brandt Dual LCM3D 4-Panel, Brandt Mini-Cobra, Brandt VSM 300

VAC SCREEN® SYSTEM Application on Derrick* Shaker Systems

Application of an External VAC SCREEN® manifold on a Derrick* FLC 2000
Derrick* FLC 503 & 504, Derrick* FLC 2000, Derrick Dual Pool*

*Derrick, Dual Pool are trademarks of Derrick Corporation and FP Marangoni Inc. is not a an authorized dealer, partner, distributor, representative or agent of Derrick Corporation.

VAC SCREEN® SYSTEM Application on MI-Swaco Shaker Systems

VAC SCREEN® Manifold on a Swaco Mongoose System
Swaco ALS, Swaco Meerkat PT Shaker, Swaco Mongoose, Swaco Panel Shakers (ie. Older Linear Motion Units)