Invert Rentals  

8×10 Geo Shack

Our Geo Sample Shack has the following features:
8×20’ building with 2 full opening doors and 30” lockable door,         LPG 4 burner stove and forced air heater, 700 cfm vent fan,         Stainless steel with 2 counter mounted vacuum ports,  Full sized desk with safety glass window, 27” flat screen TV with surround sound.

Diesel Wash Guns

All Western Oilfield Equipments portable wash units come complete with an explosion proof motor starter package, a Cat 623 pump package and are available in different sizes from 100 gallon to 500 gallon capacity.

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Our Wheeled Fire Extinguishers come in sizes from 150 pounds to 350 pounds.

Sample Washers

Western Oilfield’s Sample Washers are built strong to last the test of time. All units come complete with Husky Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump.